A Cat Named Cali


My cat was originally named Cali Wilson. I know some people change their pets’ names when they adopt them. But I kept the name Cali because my late husband’s name was Charlie. Take out a few letters from ‘Charlie’ and you get ‘Cali.’ I figure she’s my Godsend. She doesn’t like other people, though. She hisses and hides. But she and I get along fantastically. She sits in my lap for hours and touches my shoulders with her paws. She looks into my eyes and purrs. She follows me around the house and I love it. After my husband died, I needed someone to take care of. I needed a purpose. When I was looking at adoptable cats, the shelter employees thought Cali would be perfect for an older person without children – and they were right.

Cindy Walker, 64, New Athens