A ‘Tail’ of Two Jeffs

He-Man’s ride home
He-Man loves to go to the gym!

“I’ve become his person.”

Jeffrey came to us from Animal Control and quickly became a staff favorite. With his loyalty, love, and eagerness to learn, he stole our hearts.

We wondered who the perfect owner for our super intelligent guy would be… and then another Jeff walked through the door! Could it be fate? We think so and so does Jeff’s new dad, Jeff Rohr.

“This guy has changed my life for the better in less than three weeks. He’s spoiled rotten, get tons of attention, and goes with me practically everywhere.”

But this tail of two Jeffs ends in a surprise.

“After about three days of calling him ‘Jeff’ it got weird lol. […] We went out to walk and when we come in I always take all his gear off of him. He pulled, and I said, “Woah! Calm down, He-Man.”

When I said He-Man he got all excited. So I took his stuff off and said “He-Man!” He sat up all proud in perfect attention and posture. I said, ‘I think we figured it out.’ He responds to it well and has since the day we changed it.

He picked it, not me.”

But the newly-dubbed He-Man will never forget his roots.

“He was definitely meant to be mine and I’ve become his person. After all, he had my name on him!”

Happy tails to He-Man (The Artist Formerly Known As Jeff)!