Board Members

Without the support of our Board Members, BAHS would not be the organization that it is today.

Learn more about the BAHS Board Members below:

David Padgett


David’s Bio

Board President David Padgett combined his two passions – ice hockey and dog rescue – when naming his athletically-gifted pooches. Lab mix, Backes, is named for former Blues Captain David Backes. And Lab mix, Gordon, is the namesake of Hockey Hall of Famer Gordie Howe.

“I know firsthand the joy that companion animals bring into people’s lives,” David said, “and I want to help give other people this gift.”

Just as he played ice hockey competitively in high school and college, David plays hardball when it comes to saving animals’ lives. As part owner of Padgett Building and Remodeling Inc., he is instrumental in overseeing building maintenance at the shelter, when he’s not sharing his expertise on financial and membership drive committees. So deep is his dedication, he even encouraged his sister-in-law, Kristina Boron, and stepbrother, Steve Seibert, to join the board.

David’s wife Kim, an RN at St. Anthony’s Medical Center in St. Louis, loves animals and ice hockey as much he does. The couple’s other shared passion — their new daughter Stella Lucille –is sure to follow in her parents’ footsteps!

Tricia Tialdo

Vice President

Tricia’s Bio

Known as the Board’s resident cheerleader, Tricia’s optimism is contagious. From donning a giant bunny costume at our annual Doggy Easter Egg Hunt, to skillfully manning silent auction checkouts, Tricia is up for anything and everything.

“My love of animals and great experiences with fellow volunteers has kept me enthusiastic about the Humane Society,” explained the real estate broker with Strano & Associates in Belleville.

Tricia joined the board in 2011 after seeing the slogan “Until They All Have Homes” on the BAHS website. After years of helping people find their forever homes, she felt compelled to help animals do the same. “Shelter pets have so much love to give and will appreciate you more than you know!” Tialdo commented. 

Tricia chairs the Race for Rescues 5K and enjoys that this family and canine friendly event brings the community together and has so much to offer its participants. “It’s a day filled with excitement, fun, fellowship and lots of tail wagging,” Tialdo said.

A member of the Realtor Association of Southwestern Illinois (RASI), Tricia was named the organization’s 2005 Realtor of the Year, as well as its 2013 Community Award recipient. She also served as the Association’s 2014 President. Tricia is involved with the Junior Service Club of St. Clair County, Rotary Club of Swansea, and the St. Louis Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Association..

Tricia says volunteering and committing her time and energy to a cause she is passionate about is energizing. “It feels good to give back and make a difference in your community,” Tialdo added. 

Her four-legged sons, a black English Lab rescue named Cam, and an Old English Sheepdog named Tucker, couldn’t be more proud of her efforts.

Michelle Meehan-Schrader


Michelle’s Bio

Journalist Michelle Meehan Schrader often writes about the antics of her colorful rescues in a bi-weekly column for the Belleville News-Democrat. BAHS’s longest-sitting (and sometimes standing) board member, she became a director in 2002 after seeing a pregnant dog running along the highway in rush hour traffic.

“Cars were whizzing by at 70 miles an hour,” she remembered. “I tried but there was no way I could get to her. This haunted me for weeks until I realized I couldn’t go back in time and rescue that dog — but there were other dogs I could help.”

Editor of the shelter’s newsletter and contributing feature writer for the BAHS website, Michelle can often be seen walking in BAHS parades, hawking our T-shirts and assisting with adoption and fundraising efforts. A lifelong animal lover, she lives in Smithton with her husband Mark, a Belleville attorney, and their two-legged son Sam.

Her four-legged children include a former farm cat named Malcolm and three BAHS alum: Lenny, a neurotic spaniel mix; Lola, a bossy Chihuahua with a penchant for frilly pink tutus and Captain Jack, a one-eyed Shih Tzu (whose story you can find on our website!)

Cori Jurgensmeyer


Cori’s Bio

Cori Jurgensmeyer can’t imagine her life without pets.

“I don’t’ have children. I have two dogs – Mack and Charlie,” she said. “They’re my babies.”

Outside of the shelter, Cori works for Nestle Purina (for 17 years). She’s been the Nestle Purina Petcare Team Captain for HSMO’s Bark in the Park for 13 years. Cori is also an avid member of the Road Warriors runners group.

Before joining the BAHS board, Cori, was a dedicated shelter volunteer.

“I started volunteering after participating in the Slumber Pawty fundraiser. I would do Dog Day Out – taking a dog out for a day trip – or weekend fostering.”

When the pandemic struck and Cori began working from home, she transitioned into fulltime fostering.

“The first time one of my foster’s got adopted, I cried,” she remembered. “It’s still hard but I always feel better when I see them go into a good home. It’s great when they become part of a family.”

 Cori’s four-legged family — Mack and Charlie – will  travel with her returns to the office.

“We can bring our pets to work, as long as they’re well behaved,” she said. “I have two beds in my cube area – one on one side and one on the other side. It’s nice to have them with me.”

Cori’s dedication to animals traces back to her childhood.

“I would spend the summers with my grandma. She lived on a farm and she had dogs and cats and cows and chickens. I believe I got my passion for animals from her.”

Helping animals find homes brings Cori great joy and fulfillment. “I joined the board because I wanted to do something to help the shelter and give back to the community,” she said. “BAHS is doing some great programs. I want to be part of that. And I hope I can continue fostering in the future.”

Shelly Korves

Board Member

Shelly’s Bio

As a child, I was always saving homeless animals whenever I could.  Not much has changed.  I’ve been a 14 year member of the BAHS board and it is truly rewarding work. 

I’m very passionate about fostering.  There is no feeling like it.  Nursing a dog or cat back to health and then seeing it thrive in a new family is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  I definitely have a soft spot for senior dogs and nic-u kittens.  It’s nothing for me to be dragging a carrier with kittens to work everyday so they can get a bottle every two hours.  My family owns and runs Tribout Bingo and Carnival in Belleville.

My favorite addition to BAHS in recent years has been the community outreach.  I love the opportunity to keep an animal with their family thru our Pet Resource Pantry or the low-cost spay/neuter or vaccine clinics. 

I also love organizing or helping with events.  I chair Glo-Bingo when the times allow.  And I’ve chaired the 5K, Pet Parade, Ice Cream Social and Doggie Egg Hunt in the past.

I am married to my husband, Jack.  We have three children; Kayla, Brett & Todd.  We senselessly lost our son, Brett in a car accident in April of 2019.  Our family started our own foundation, Brett’s First Responders, to help first responders injured or killed NOT in the line of duty. 

All of my four-legged children are rescues.  We have four dogs; Penny, Diesel, Molly and Franny.  And two cats; Henry and Sassy.

Noelle Miles

Board Member

Noelle’s Bio

As a little girl, Noelle Miles dreamed of being a veterinarian. Her dreams came true – and so did ours – when this talented and compassionate professional began volunteering with BAHS.

“BAHS is an important part of my life because I am a companion animal veterinarian and took an oath to relieve animal suffering,” explained Dr. Miles, who works for Mueller Veterinary Services in Columbia, IL. “Many of the animals we take in have been neglected and are suffering both physically and emotionally.”

Dr. Miles has been on the Board since 2005. She has given loving homes to multiple rescue dogs, the most recent pup being a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Gomer.

She visits the shelter on her days off to perform spays and neuters. An avid runner, Dr. Miles also assists with our annual Race for Rescues.

We cannot thank her enough!

Edith Gray

Board Member

Edith’s Bio

As a child, board member Edith Gray would ride her tricycle around the neighborhood, looking for animals to befriend.

“There was this really mean dognamed Bonzo,” Edith recalled. “My mother said one day I pedaled up to him and she was alarmed for my safety. She said, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘I was talking to Bonzo. But he doesn’t talk so much.’”

Known for her outgoing personality and huge smile, Edith serves as assistant director of human resources for the SIUE East St. Louis campus, when she isn’t teaching fitness classes. Despite her hectic schedule, she always finds time to help animals.

“All my dogs are recues,” she said. “They’re like my children. I can’t imaginelife without them.”

Her four-legged family includes Grayson, a schnauzer-sheltie mix;  Lauren, a white schnauzer and Keegan, a wild-and-crazy West Highland terrier. “Keegan is my devil dog from hell. But I love him. What can I say?”

She also loves the shelter’s initiatives, including adoption, education, spay and neuter and helping keep pets in their forever homes.

“I’ve always wanted to volunteer, to give back,” she said, proudly. “And this is a perfect way to do it.”

Kristina Boron

Board Member

Kristina’s Bio

Kristina came “on board” in 2016 after attending a variety of BAHS events, where she had the opportunity to really see what the organization was about. “From Spaghetti dinners, to GLO Bingo, or even a 5k Race, BAHS has done amazing over the years in hosting all types of events to raise awareness. I joined the board to help keep that awareness going and make a difference in the lives of shelter animals.” 

She is pictured with her adorable nephew dog, Captain, a beagle mix, and a BAHS alumni, who she helped her family adopt. She knows firsthand the joy adoption can bring. “I knew that when my family was ready to adopt in 2010, it would be from BAHS,” she said proudly.

While Kristina enjoys and values ALL the events BAHS host, the Howl’oween Pet Parade and Costume Contest are especially dear. As a Co-Chair, this family friendly event spotlights the family pets and encourages the whole family to come out and support their community.

Outside of Board responsibilities, Kristina works for a bank and appreciates how her company encourages employees to use their volunteer hours within their community. “We have a whole site vested in giving back, it’s so rewarding to see!”

“I strongly believe that owning a shelter pet brings joy and entertainment,” she said. “They display an appreciation and loyalty that makes them a valuable asset to any family.”


Board Member

Cathy’s Bio

Belleville business owner and animal lover Cathy Dervalis played a role in BAHS’s success long before she joined our Board of Directors. The proprietor of Dog Day Afternoon pet supply store and grooming has long- hosted an annual Doggy Ice Cream Social at her shop to benefit the shelter. Over the years, she also has sponsored various BAHS events and selflessly volunteered to groom shelter dogs on her days off.

Cathy and her husband, Dan, have two adult children – son, Jacob and daughter, Dani – five grandchildren, three dogs, a cat and a blue-fronted Amazon Parrot named Grady.

Because parrots can live up to 50 years, Cathy – who has been involved with parrot rescue – has made plans for her daughter to adopt Grady should the bird outlive her. Finding homes for wayward animals has always been her passion.

“I used to belong to Gateway Golden Rescue,” she said. “I can’t tell you how many Golden Retrievers I’ve had in my house over the years. I would do pick-ups and home checks. When my grooming clients can’t keep their pets, I help them find good homes for them.

“I’ve just always loved animals – all kinds of animals,” added the business owner, who is a talented amateur photographer.  “There is such a need for rescue. I’m excited to join the BAHS board.”

Kristie Ward

Board Member

Kristie’s Bio

Kristie has always had a passion for and devotion to homeless pets. As a child there were countless times a stray dog or unwanted cat would make their way to her family’s doorstep.

Kristie always found an avenue to help an animal find its way to a responsible forever home.

Becoming an empty nester in 2017 Kristie renewed her youthful ways and started volunteering at the shelter and eventually entered the world of fostering in 2019. Before her husband Scott knew what was happening, Kristie had turned one of their “empty” bedrooms into a “kitten room”. From healthy and happy to sick and feral, dozens and dozens of kittens and several cats have graduated from that room to find their forever family. Each feline that enters that room also enters her heart and as hard as it is, she has not yet foster failed knowing that she has to continue to make room for more fosters. Kristie is currently the Cat/Kitten Foster Mentor for BAHS.

Kristie joined the board in 2021 and has several areas that hold her passion. She has been involved with Bags for Wags over the past several years and looks forward to continuing to help the tradition flourish as one of BAHS’s largest fundraisers. She also continues to volunteer at the shelter in just about any aspect that is needed like transport services, vaccine clinics and helping on surgery days. The staff know all they have to do is ask and she will try her best to be

Kristie’s husband Scott serves on the BAHS Finance Committee, they have a son and daughter-in-law living in Chicago and two adult daughters in the Belleville/St Louis area. She also has a rescue black lab turned rescue pit/mastiff (DNA results taught her never to judge a book by its cover) named Fore and a rescue cat named Chip. Her daughter’s BAHS Alum cat Trapper is a current house guest and loves to help with the fosters.