Artie & Chantilly

My cats Artie and Chantilly have their own You Tube video. I haven’t updated it in a while but you can type in their names on You Tube and it’s there. Artie was kind of challenged when I got him. He had a bad adoption before me and he wound up out-of-state at Animal Control. They were going to put him to sleep and two BAHS workers drove out-of-state to rescue him.

They showed me Artie and right away he came to me. Then I brought him home and he didn’t come upstairs for a month. After a while, he’d climb up on me. He was really lonely for another cat. That’s how Chantilly came in the picture – as a companion for him. They’re really good with each other. They love playing with laser lights and cat toys. And I love having them around.

Raenita Wallace, 52, Belleville