BAHS responds to covid-19

BAHS has been closed to the public for close to two months now.  A year ago, we never could have predicted the many ways that we have all been affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Our organization has completely changed the way our shelter runs. We are still working tirelessly to help animals and people, but we have moved to an appointment-based system for adoption, foster, intake, and community outreach.  This allows us to better manage the traffic coming into the shelter and provide better service to adopters now that so many of our animals are in foster.

Adoption, foster, and intake are all up since this time last year.  Not only are the BAHS staff working harder than ever to bring in animals that need our help and find them new homes, but the community has been working right by our side as adopters and fosters.  Your help has allowed us to cut the time that animals are in our care by more than 50%.  That’s right, more animals are finding homes, and they are finding their homes faster than ever.

At BAHS, we know that members of our community are struggling during this difficult time.  Our pets are our family and no one should have to give up a beloved pet due to financial hardship.  We are providing free supplies to the community to help people keep their pets. We have created a drive-through pet resource pantry that provides people with the supplies they need while keeping them safe and healthy.  What do we do when someone doesn’t have transportation?  We deliver! 

What else helps keep animals in their homes?  Free dog training for the community.  Anyone can tune in weekly for our free dog training sessions that are being held virtually on Zoom.

BAHS is looking for innovative ways to help the community during this challenging time and we can’t do it alone.  Every person who adopts, fosters, donates, or shares our Facebook posts and emails is a part of the solution and we thank you!

Here are some of the animals that you have helped…

Tiger lost his beloved owner to COVID. He is currently being treated for Heartworms.
Stray cat and new mom Florence took on two extra kittens after their mother was tragically attacked by another animal.
Jolene still plays with joy despite the loss of her leg.