Boss – A Pit Bull


Boss is a pit bull-mastiff mix. He’s on the couch right now looking at me real strange because I’m eating a piece of pizza. Guess he wants it. He spent the day with me hanging out while I bartended at my bar the Double Deuce in Cahokia. All the customers know him there and the mailman brings him a dog biscuit every day when he drops off the mail. He’s just a great dog. My wife picked him out at the shelter as an anniversary present. He doesn’t get along well with other animals. But he loves people. He has no prejudiced bones in his body. Black. White. Purple. Polka dot. They’re all the same to him. He just doesn’t like dogs and cats. We don’t have any animals in our bar — just people — so that works out great.

Mike Olish, 66, of Cahokia