Calm in Crisis

This shed used to be completely full.

This shed is where, for months, we held all of our food for our Pet Food Pantry. Our food pantry happens every month and in 2020 we served 103,500 meals. So far in July 2021, we’ve already served over 50,000. 

And now this lifeline for hundreds of pets in our community is empty. A raccoon burrowed into the shed. Due to the danger of distemper and other diseases, once we discovered evidence of the raccoon, we had to destroy all of the food. We take the health and safety of every pet in our community extremely seriously. Every pet deserves safe and nutritious food.

Here’s what happened next: 

The Operations Manager immediately dropped what she was doing to glove up and start lifting. 

And the Placement Counselor. And the Cleaning Ambassador. And the whole intake team. And the Volunteer Manager. And the Administrative Assistant. Although it was her first day and she was mid-orientation, our newest volunteer joined in the effort too. And a volunteer who’d already left for the day u-turned his car and came back to disinfect the whole area. 

Our point is that when something hard happens at the Belleville Area Humane Society, we rally together for the animals. All of that food was earmarked for community animals – none of it was for adoptable ones, but that didn’t stop the entire shelter team from jumping into action. (In fact we suspect nothing would have stopped them from helping).

Here’s what DIDN’T happen:

Food pantry isn’t cancelled. It isn’t even delayed. Outreach Manager Jorden immediately called our friends and asked for food. 1500lbs is on its way to refill this shed as you’re reading this. 

(We didn’t pay retail to replace this food. Thanks to our network of friends, we get about 5x the amount of food per dollar). 

And we didn’t panic. 

The reason we didn’t panic is because of YOU. We know that when something hard happens, you are there for us because you’re always there for us. Your monthly membership gift means our mission to help animals is sustainable. We’ve learned hard stuff is going to happen over the course of 62 years. When you’re a monthly member of BAHS, your gift means we’ll be here for the next 62 years helping animals and thriving. Please become a member.