Dobie was very timid beagle mix. We thought he was shy and just wouldn’t come but now we think he was physically and mentally abused. You couldn’t touch him. You couldn’t pick him up. You couldn’t put a leash on him. But we saw the look on his face and we just fell in love.

At the time we met Dobie, there were already two applications on him at the shelter. We thought, ‘There’s no way we’ll get him.’  But both of those applications fell though. We brought him home and it took a lot of time and patience but he’s doing great now. He’s a lover. He just loves to lay on you. The more you say, ‘Good boy!’ the more his tail just wags.

He wasn’t responding when we called him Dobie so we changed his name to Copper. He responds to his new name just fine. Our other dog is a boxer-terrier mix named Harley. Copper has become Harley’s shadow. They play together constantly. We feel like we are so lucky to have them in our lives.

Jeff Gulans, 49, Belleville