Dog Allergy Information


 Do you suffer from pet allergies? Are you afraid you might have to give up your dog on account of your allergies? If so, we can help! Follow the advice bellow to reduce allergy-causing dander in your home and on your pet:

  • Wash your pet weekly in lukewarm water using a dander removing allergy shampoo to reduce pet dander.
  • Have someone without pet allergies brush the pet outside regularly.
  • Vacuum and dust frequently using a vacuum with a HEPA filter.
  • Clean pillows, clothing, curtains, cushions, and pet beds often.
  • Do not allow your pet in your bedroom to give your body a break from allergen exposure.


   Here are some dander-removing products to try: Allersearch, Allerpet D (contains gluten), Four Paws Magic Coat, Nature’s Miracle, and SheaPet.