Foster An Animal

Foster homes are a vital component of the overall health of our shelter and also help teach important social skills to new animals. BAHS is hoping to move towards a primarily foster based facility, so all animals are eligible for fostering. Fostering helps animals gain more skills on how to behave in a home environment, work on training, and sleep more comfortably at night. Being in a foster home rather than a shelter environment lowers the emotional and physical stress of animals making them happier, healthier, and more adoptable.

For more information about fostering please call the shelter at 618-235-3712 or email or

Foster FAQ’s

Q: Does it cost anything to foster an animal for BAHS?

A: No! Fostering is 100% free and BAHS provides all supplies needed to care for the animal while they are in your care. BAHS also supplies all medical care for the animal as well.

Q: Do I need experience to foster through BAHS?

A: No! We love to expand our foster team to anyone who is interested in helping. BAHS staff and foster mentors are here for you for questions, concerns, and anything you may need while fostering.

Q: Does the foster parent get to pick which animal(s) they foster?

A: Yes! On the foster application, you can select which species and types of animals you are interested in fostering. While the BAHS Placement Team may suggest foster animals to you, it is ultimately up to the foster parent.

Q: What is the average time commitment for fostering an animal?

A: You can foster for as long or as little as you would like. You can foster the animal until they are adopted, for a week, weekend, sleepover, or day out. The length of time you foster for is up to you!

Q: I work, have children, and other pets. Can I still foster?

A: YES! Fostering is a family activity and we encourage you to get your children involved. The BAHS Placement Team will ensure that your foster pet gets along well with your resident pets as well as facilitate meet and greets between your pets and your potential foster pets.

Become a WunderDog Foster Parent

The Belleville Area Humane Society strives to help homeless animals in our community through outreach, humane education, and adoption. While adult dogs are waiting for their forever homes, it is more beneficial to spend their time in a temporary home rather than a shelter environment. BAHS is searching for foster homes to help turn our underdogs into Wunderdogs

Q: What qualifies a dog for the BAHS Wunderdog Foster Program?

A: Any adult dog that has been with BAHS for more than 30 days qualifies for the Wunderdog program. Dogs with special traits may also be characterized as Wunderdogs. These traits may be behavioral or medical.

Q: Are Wunderdogs safe animals?

A: YES! All dogs are evaluated behaviorally before they come to BAHS. Our organization has a dedication to the animals we are helping, but also to the community to put safe pets in their homes.

Q: Why is a foster home so important for Wunderdogs?

A: While the staff and volunteers at BAHS try to make the shelter life as comfortable as we can, it is still an artificial and uncomfortable environment for a lot of dogs. The kennels can get noisy, there are a lot of different people coming and going, and dogs lack the one-on-one attention they get from a foster home. Wunderdogs especially need foster homes to work on their skills and be on their way to becoming the best they can be.

Q: What does a Wunderdog Foster Parent do?

A: All foster parents for our organization are vital to the success of our animals. We especially cherish Wunderdog Foster Parents for their efforts with their foster dog. Wunderdog foster parents open their home to an adult dog that may have some learning and training to do. Training costs will be covered by BAHS. All the foster parents must do is take the Wunderdog to training and keep up with the training homework. BAHS will work with the foster parents’ schedule to make sure that training times work best for you and your Wunderdog.

Q: How do I sign up to become a Wunderdog Foster Parent?

A: To sign up to be a BAHS Wunderdog Foster Parent, apply online at We will get in touch with you right away to set up a time to come meet your potential foster dogs!

Resources for current BAHS Fosters