Adoption Tails

Testimonials from happy adopters!

Addie is going great! She loves playing with all her toys and her new brother Ruger, who even lets her cuddle up to him on the bed at night. One of her favorite things to do is roll around in the grass, she does it at least once every time we go outside. She’s a huge cuddler and would rather lay in bed than get up to go outside in the morning, and always wants good night and good morning kisses. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you for introducing us to this lovely lady!

Annie P.

Caesar, astonishingly, just settled right in to start taking up all the pets. Thank you so much for the obvious love and care you gave our sweet little boy while he was hanging out waiting for us and for being so kind when we had a zillion questions. He’s an adorable baby cat and I’m so glad we found him.

Erin J.

I wanted to share with you a photo of Flynn after his bath in his new favorite chair.  Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives.

The Heflin Family

amazing people who dedicate their time to take care of these adorable and lovable pets

Michaela T.

Thanks for working with us. She [Remi] is a very loved pup by our whole family.

Kris V.

She’s [Emily] quite the lap cat, and her favorite pastimes include lap time with dad, watching shark movies on Netflix, and smacking dad in the face with his iPad (don’t ask). Thanks again for introducing us to this wonderful little cat!  Maria and I love her dearly already, and we’re glad that she chose us to provide her with her forever home.

Maria & Victor

Diesel was an amazing dog and he really was a perfect fit for us. He enjoyed playing with other animals and people, car rides, backpacking, and naps.

He made sure to shower us with extra love and stayed strong to the end. We are heartbroken from his loss but very thankful for the time we had with him and I wanted to thank you for helping us find our perfect dog.

The Besserts