Become a Member

Become a monthly member of the Belleville Area Humane Society today! BAHS Members recognized in our monthly newsletter. Your support is extremely important to us. With your help, BAHS is able to serve the community and help animals find their homes. We’re able to provide outreach programs, such as:

  • Discounted vaccine clinics
  • Discounted spay and neuter clinics
  • Heartworm medications for shelter animals
  • Supplies for fosters
  • Community Pet Pantry
  • Medical care for animals upon intake

Monthly Giving Levels:

Friend Level ($5/month)For $5/month, BAHS provides one heartworm test for an animal
Vet Tech Level ($10/month)For $10/month, BAHS services an animal with all vaccines upon intake (rabies, distemper, & bordetella).
Lifeline Level ($25/month)For $25/month, BAHS provides one dog or cat foster with all necessary supplies.
Loyal Level ($50/month)For $50/month, BAHS spays or neuters one community animal.
Foodie Level ($100/month)For $100/month, BAHS supplies food for 50 dogs or 80 cats in our pet food pantry.
Shelter Supporter ($250/month)For $250/month, BAHS covers full intake costs for one animal.
Animal Advocate ($500/month)For $500/month, BAHS will provide vaccinations, preventatives, and spay/neuter for a mama dog/cat and her babies.
Best in Show ($1000/month)For $1000/month, BAHS provides flea and tick preventative for all shelter pets for one month.
* One time donations also graciously accepted
* Does your employer match charitable donations? Ask to have them match yours today!