Of the opinion you need not spay or neuter your pet?

Paws and think about it…

  • For every person born, 15 dogs and 45 cats are also born. There are not enough homes for even a fraction of these animals – even if EVERY person in EACH household took in a pet.
  • Theoretically, a female cat can give birth to up to three litters a year throughout her lifetime. Female cats do not go into menopause like humans do. Assuming a cat lives 15 years, this could result in approximately 180 kittens.
  • A typical dog produces one litter per year with an average number of six puppies per litter. This means, an unspayed dog could result in the birth of 60 or more puppies over her lifetime.
  • Assuming all these kittens and puppies multiply – which they likely will if left unsterilized — the result will be thousands more homeless dogs and cats.
  • Unneutered male dogs and cats are half the equation of these conceptions.

Between six and eight million dogs and cats enter US shelters EACH YEAR.

Please spay and neuter your pets!