My dog Rodney is a Bassett-Lab mix. He’s really kind of weird looking. He’s got these stubby legs and a Lab head. He’s a complicated dog. He’s very selective in who he likes. But that’s OK. He’s attached to me. I can’t do anything wrong in his opinion. I used to volunteer at the Humane Society and Rodney had been adopted and returned more than once. Everyone said he was destructive when they were gone. I have two other dogs, so I thought having the other dogs for company would calm him down. He’s had no problems at all at my house. No destructive activity or separation anxiety whatsoever. The only problem is Rodney hates men. He’s finally gotten used to my husband, though. I told him, ‘He earns the money that puts the kibble in your bowl.’

Lorna Whisenhunt, 54, of Belleville