Community Services

BAHS Community Outreach

All community outreach services are available for St. Clair County residents only.

Please contact our Community Outreach Coordinator at 618-235-3712 ext. 100 for more information about our services.

Our growing outreach program thrives because of our community’s generous support.

Surrendering a Pet to the Belleville Area Humane Society

The Belleville Area Humane Society is committed to helping pets either surrendered to or not reclaimed from St. Clair County Animal Control and Services and other shelter partners.

Upon occasion, we can accept owner surrenders. Please fill out the owner surrender request form here.

We strive to keep pets with their owners and provide resources that help individuals keep their pets, when possible. For resources please call, 618-235-3712 ext.100. Crates, food, and supplies are available upon request.

Vaccination Clinic

BAHS offers vaccine clinics for Saint Clair County residents over other month from March – November which include the rabies vaccination, Bordetella (dogs), DHPP (dogs) and FVRCP (cats), microchips, and flea prevention.

To ensure your slot, provide a $15 deposit during sign up. If you do not show during your allotted time your deposit will be charged as a donation.

Vaccine Clinic 2024 Dates

Pet Food Pantry

BAHS hosts a monthly Pet Food Pantry on the last Sunday of each month from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Please call 618-235-3712 ext. 100 for an assistance – we do not accept walk-ins. This program is for St. Clair County Residents only.

Pet Resource Pantry Guidelines

  • Applicants must be the pet owner (unless pre-approved by Outreach Coordinator) and live in St. Clair County (below section please bullet and indent).
  • We are a temporary pet food source, not long-term. You will receive 1 month worth of food based on the weight of your animal calculated by recommended guidelines by the AVMA.
  • Pet food and supplies will be passed out on the last Sunday of the month between 1:00 – 3:00pm.
  • Re-selling pet food and supplies is prohibited and will result in termination of services.
  • We reserve the right to make exceptions based on needs.
  • We reserve the right to refuse anyone under any circumstances.
  • We accept all kinds of pet food and cat litter.
  • By accepting food/or services from the Resource Pantry, the recipient, all household members, their friends, and family agree to NOT to hold the Resource Pantry, its staff, volunteers, and benefactors legally liable in the unfortunate event the recipient’s pet(s) becomes ill or the food upsets the pet’s stomach.
  • When people receive pet food from the Resource Pantry, they are made aware of the potential risks involved with feeding their pet(s) a new food since it’s unlikely that the pet food received is the recipient’s usual brand(s).
  • We are providing a service to the community and ask that recipients only take what they need not what they can get because it is free.
  • No animals can be added to the household at any time. Exceptions can be made for temporary situations per approval from management.
Operation Pit (and Kit!) Stop

BAHS is participating with the Coalition for Pet Progress to spay/neuter community cats.

Click Here to join our Operation Pit (and Kit!) Stop Waiting List!

Spots are limited.

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) Program

TNR stands for trap, neuter, and return to field.

Fill out this form to request spay and neuter services. BAHS offers spay and neuter services to outdoor community cats in Saint Clair County.

All community cats will be microchipped and receive an ear tip. All cats must be brought to us in a trap and cats will be returned to the location where they were trapped. There are no exceptions to this policy.

We do not relocate feral cats. If you are looking to relocate your feral cat, we ask you to reconsider. Relocation is dangerous for wild animals, including community cats. Cats who are relocated can become confused and starve.

If you have found baby kittens, please leave them for their mother. Baby kittens are fragile and have the best shot at life with a mama cat. If you believe the kittens are in distress, leave them alone and monitor them for at least 10 hours. Place a ring of flour around the kittens and check back for paw prints. Community mama cats are very smart and are likely watching you, waiting for you to leave their kittens alone.

Spay & Neuter Options

**We will not be having anymore OpSpot public spay/neuter clinics the remainder of the 2023 year. Please check out Carol House Quick Fix or Metro East Humane Society for low-cost options.**

BAHS partners with a local vet clinic to offer $50 vouchers for spay/neuter, microchip, and vaccinations. Individuals must show proof of their financial need to qualify for this program. We accept documents such as W-2s, government assistance, or unemployment documents. There are only 4 vouchers available per month.

Once a month from March – November, BAHS has a mobile spay/neuter clinic, OpSpot, on campus. The cost for these clinics is $75 for spay/neuter and microchip. Other vaccines needed will be $15 each. The clinic has a 50lb weight limit for pets but does not have income requirements.

OpSpot 2023 Dates:

  • March 20th 
  • May 1st

Please call 618-235-3712 ext. 100 for more information on all of these programs.


The cost of a pet microchip is $15 and can be done at a BAHS vaccine clinic.

SafePets Program

For over six decades, we’ve shown up for animals who need us, and sometimes in unlikely spaces.

Did you know in the USA, 1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime? Few domestic violence shelters allow pets (only 10% nationally) and 48% – nearly half of all victims – delay leaving an abusive relationship because they don’t want to leave a pet behind.

In 2021, in partnership with the Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois, BAHS launched our crisis housing program, SafePets, and we now offer temporary care for pets while survivors of domestic violence find a safe haven to call home. For more information and resources please call 618-235-3712 ext. 100.

Re-homing Advice & Resources

BAHS intakes our animals primarily from St. Clair County Animal Control and other similar facilities. If you need to rehome your dog or cat, please call St. Clair County Animal Services at 618-235-0585 or for more information or try these two websites:

Rehome – Adopt a Pet

Rehome Your Pet

Dog Training Classes

Training is an essential part of your animals well being and success in the community. We recommend the following facilities:

Helping Hounds
(618) 213-6659
1481 South Illinois Street
Belleville, IL

Kranky K9
1832 Vandalia Street
Collinsville, IL 62234

Lucky Dog Barks and Recreation
129 Corporate Drive
Fairview Heights, IL 62208


This links below have information about pet friendly housing in St. Clair County.

St. Clair County Animal Services – Community