“Sickly” Xena Gets a Personal Vet

“She made our daughter so happy.”

“URGENT – these 2 One year old kitties (one male and one female ) NEED OUT. They have upper respiratory infections and are NOT DOING WELL.”

This was the message posted on the Stray Angels Facebook page about Xena and Xavier, brother and sister cats in dire straights. With the help of staff at Animal Control, we transferred them to BAHS where they were put under the care of manager and vet tech, Tammy Allen. We crossed our fingers that they would make it… and they did!

Fully recovered, their sweet personalities emerged and both were adopted. Xena is now with the Hommel family, receiving regular check ups from a future vet. 

“We just adopted this beautiful little girl named Xena. She made our daughter so happy. She fits right in with our family and she is not at all scared of our two dogs. She is very curious and lovable.”

Thank you, Hommel family and thank you to all who worked together to save Xena and Xavier!