Feral cats are cats who live outdoors and have had little contact with humans. These cats will not do well in homes due to their lack of socialization.

TNR allows feral cats to be humanely trapped, sterilized, and released back to the outdoor area where they were found. Studies show that TNR programs reduce both the number of feral cats in a community and the nuisance behaviors of these animals.

Ear Tipping is a sign that a cat has been spayed or neutered through a TNR Program.

TNR is now legal in St. Clair County

Call Belleville Area Humane Society – 618-235-3712 for information

We can track your colony, provide humane traps, and connect you with the resources you need for your community cat colony

Find low-cost spay and neuter opportunities at  

You can also contact the St. Clair TNR and rescue at 314-339-7481