Willy & Figgy

I adopted my two cats Willy and Figgy (formerly Billy and Figero) because they were FIV positive. I felt so sorry for them. I thought nobody would adopt them because they’d think they were sick. They’re not really. They’re doing great. The vet said they could have a shorter lifespan but my daughter has had a cat that’s FIV positive for years. My two cats are darling. One’s cuter than the other. Figgy is the little one. He’s a brat – still half kitten. I can’t wait till he outgrows that. And Willy is just a lover, so sweet. The two of them follow me from room to room and sleep with me at night. Willy sleeps up toward my head and Figgy is down by my feet. They’re not there all night of course. They like to get up and romp around. There’s never a dull moment with those two.

Patricia Sullivan, 77, of Belleville